Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Study Ladder

Today for maths our class were playing study ladder and I got all my answers right I got them all on 36 seconds and I came 1st and the rest were stall doing it.
I love Study Ladder.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Rangitoto Challenge

Today Me and My Friend Edwina had a challenge to complete for our homework we only completed one challenge and it was to do activities for the little children in the Junior area. We first did a relay we had to split them into two groups one was mine and one was Edwina's group. First they had to zigzag past the cones and when you get to the end you do 5 star jumps then run and get the ball from the middle and zigzag back then the next person.

We got onto the next activity and we played octopus me and Edwina were the tagger they were pretty hard to catch and tag but there was only suppose to be one winner and it was Lilo she did a great job. Then we played a game called take the ball and it’s when you get into two groups with many players you get and you face each other and then someone has to start squeezing your hand and when they start to squeeze your hand then you have to squeeze the next person's hand then when the last person with the ball next to them and the last one to get squeezed has to pick up the ball and say I GOT THE BALL with your EYES SHUT, but unfortunately my team lost but it was FUN.


Monday, 17 March 2014

The Lost Backpacker

Mr Chen is  a Chinese backpacker he went walking out to a place called National Park and he was not prepared to go for his walk.He said he was going to be lucky because he would win the lotto jackpot $32 million and then Mr Chen said he was embarrassed because he never took any equipment and water.Then Mr Chen nearly died because he went to a waterfall and that’s when he was lost in the National Park without food,hiking gear and he nearly died.The alarm was raised on Tuesday noon by the owner of accommodation where Mr Chen was staying Mr Chen was not seen before he went for his walk In Tupapakura  Falls track on Sunday.Mr Chen forgot to check the Weather and then they reported that he was unprepared for the stormy weather that stuck the North Island early this Morning.After Mr Chen was rescued and he was lucky he had survived.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Today I learnt how to present my data as a line graph and an area graph.I created a spreadsheet on my document and I wrote down the days of the week but not Saturday and Sunday then I wrote the low Temperature on the next colume then I did the same thing but the high Temperature and then I created a Area graph and this is what I got.

Bio Poem

Beautiful,tall with curly hair
Lover of singing, eating and sleeping
Who wonders what the future is going to be like
Who fears clowns, huge dogs and heights
Who feels enthusiastic and gleeful
Who is able to finish work on time
Who would like to be a doctor
Who dreams of being a photographer living next to a beach.


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Basketball Lesson with Our Coach Steph


Basketball is a ball game for two teams of five players each in which goals are scored by throwing a ball through a fixed hoop fixed at each end of the each.

Today we learnt how to do the Chest pass, Overhead pass, long pass, bounce pass and layups.

First thing we did was to find a partner, one standing in front and one at the back. She told us it was a relay game, we had to run halfway of the court and do 5 star jumps then the next person goes.

When we finish we go through the next instruction. Which was to do two push ups. But my partner had to do the girl push ups.

As we finished we went on to the next instruction and it was to do layouts. Layouts are when you lay on your stomach and jump high with your hand up high.

Then we got onto the Competition and we still had to stay with our same partners. We first had to do practise doing the Chest pass, Overhead pass, long pass, bounce pass and layout pass.

Basketball today was fun and full of fitness. I am proud that I achieved the lesson without any problems. I hope I have another fun session.