Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I have the best Friend in the world

I have the best Friend in the world!!
One sunny day my best friend and I named Edwina were Skipping on the footpath and we saw this little girl crying near the river.

Edwina walked towards her and asked her if she was ok.The Little girl turned around and her ties were running down fast.She had long grey ripped pants a red dirty T-Shirt and wholly shoes her face was Scratched.

I run to the other side of the road because she looked Frightening.Edwina was not scared she stood there and asked her what happened.

Edwina shouted My name and told me to go to her.”Laite,Laite this girl told me that her friends hated her because she was frightening and so they bullied her hit her and now she end up like this.Edwina told me that she should be our new Friend and so on.We took the little
girl to my house and but her into some warm clothes and we made a cup of chocolate to make her welcome.

I like my Friend Edwina she stood up for the Poor Girl.


Aarmione said...
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Aarmione said...

Hi Atelaite. I think what you did for the little girl was nice, and I think that you did something special for her.

Te Puawai said...

Sounds intresting Laite really has alot of intresting words that describe your best friend :)

Nunia said...

Wow laite you have aa big heart to everyone you are the kind of person who you want to be treated

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