Wednesday, 26 February 2014

School Resource

I think Glenbrae School would like to get a Food packaging Machine because when students don't have lunch and they forget to buy it they can go and buy their lunch from the Food packaging Machine, the teachers can use it to.

Food packaging Machine would help us with healthy food in it and it is cheap and we can use the money for something important like sport gears,school property,orphans or we could give it to the poor children in the world that needs food and if we were able to have much we can donate it to the ones who has poor cancers.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

How I get to school from home

Every morning I wake up do all the jobs at home then, walk to school I walk with my little brother we see two alleyways Just 30 centimeters away from my house we walk pass it there is one alleyway on my right and one on my left we walk straight ahead,it will take me and my brother 7 minutes to get to school. 
From Atelaite.

Water Fun day

On Friday the 7th Glenbrae school had water fun day it started at 9am till interval.First we did the roll then we had to line up outside we walked out to the court in our house colours. Then Mrs Ripata said “that we had to first do the obstacle race” we had to walk quietly down to our first activity I felt like the activity has lots of experience in it.Then Mrs Tofa  blew  the whistle then we had to start everyone screamed and cheered for their team mate first person was Wairua he ran and got the cup and he had to fill it up with water, then he had to crawl under four chairs stuck together with the cup in his hand then he ran straight to the blue bucket same with the other houses then we all had a go then Mrs Tofa blew the whistle to go to the next activity.

Then we went to the next activity the water slide thats when I was soaking wet it was only a small slide because the black one keeps blowing away in the wind but it was fun I always fall on my butt Edwina made me soaking wet and soapy then we went to our next activity but I didn't get to do it all I had to go to Mrs Elia.

The End . By Atelaite

Responsible Person

A Responsible person is someone that is honest that does tell the truth when someone steals in the community and made a good choice and owned up to their mistakes to the community.

Someone Responsible is someone that respects others like visitors that came from the community and from other places and respect them at all times.

Responsible person support young sibling if they have trouble with their learning ask them if they need your help and support them with their work.

A Responsible person ask their parents for their help when they have trouble at home for an example ask her/him if you can do the dishes for 1 week and she might buy your stationery.

From Laite.