Monday, 17 March 2014

The Lost Backpacker

Mr Chen is  a Chinese backpacker he went walking out to a place called National Park and he was not prepared to go for his walk.He said he was going to be lucky because he would win the lotto jackpot $32 million and then Mr Chen said he was embarrassed because he never took any equipment and water.Then Mr Chen nearly died because he went to a waterfall and that’s when he was lost in the National Park without food,hiking gear and he nearly died.The alarm was raised on Tuesday noon by the owner of accommodation where Mr Chen was staying Mr Chen was not seen before he went for his walk In Tupapakura  Falls track on Sunday.Mr Chen forgot to check the Weather and then they reported that he was unprepared for the stormy weather that stuck the North Island early this Morning.After Mr Chen was rescued and he was lucky he had survived.


Unknown said...

You've summarised the events of the article very well Atelaite. Do you think Mr Chen was lucky to survive?
I've learned a lot about preparing for bush walks from reading this article - I hope you have too.
Mrs Parker

Atelaite tangimausia taufa said...

Yes Because he must of won the lotto jackpot.Yes Mrs Parker I did learn more about preparing ourselves on going out to a bush walk.

Atelaite tangimausia taufa said...
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