Thursday, 17 April 2014

Bad News on 3 news

Today I was watching 3 news and I saw there was a horrible Flood near our house at Misson bay.Auckland are cleaning up after high winds and torrential rain battered this morning.The wild weather is now heading south towards the central North Island it is excepted to reach Wellington later today and will move further south over night.The road had to be closed, and residents were trapped in their homes as the water rose. There is a cyclone Ita near the South Island it is Scary.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Last week I learnt how to measure angles and perimeters and I learnt how to find the different type of shapes.Pi=3.14.For writing I learnt how to persuasive writing and some of us agree that a 8 year old child should be able to have job.I Agree to it.


Today Room 10 student from Glenbrae School had Basketball.I learned at Basketball that travel is when you hold the ball and run/walk with it.The most difficult part was spinning the basketball with one finger it was tricky.My favorite part was playing real basketball with five in each team but my team won.We were proud and powerful we done a great job.

Monday, 14 April 2014


WALT:use our body part as a unit of measurment

Today our class had to do measurement and I measured my writing book and my book is 3 and a half centimeters across and 3 and a half centimeters on the side so that is 14 centimeters altogether.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Visit to Auckland Zoo

   Auckland Zoo
On Monday the 4th 2014 our class and Room 7&9 went on a trip to the Auckland Zoo.When we got there our Tutors John,Laura and Richard introduced themselves. Then we walked to this noisy place where you can hear heaps of birds singing and talking to each other.

The next thing Laura put us into our groups and we had to go with our tutor John. We first went to this place where we saw lizards. Then our tutor John took us into this weird entrance  like a hallway but way shorter with two doors at the end.

John told us they built that weird short hallway there so the cats and mice don’t go near the birds.Once the door we entered from was closed then we can open the other door which can take you to the other side where we saw a Kakapo,two Keas and a Weka. It was creepy once I walked in but it was pretty funny because the weka was always falling down from the top of the rocks.

Then later on we moved on into this night tunnel once we walked it said to turn your flash off from your camera but the funny thing was I couldn’t see anything but we saw lots of kiwi’s.Me and Hannah spotted three kiwi’s I thought kiwi’s were small but once I looked at it clearly I was thrilled because they were huge that was my first time seeing a Kiwi in real LIFE.

After that we walked back to where we all settled down in the first place then Lennyx thanked the tutor guys on behalf of glenbrae. Then we had to get into our groups and I was with Tevita, MissAtuahiva, Mangila ,Nganga, Apii, Danielle and Gemmima and the rest. We had to eat our morning tea in this big fale but their was not enough space so our group went to go sit under a picnic table under the shade.

After a while we had to go into our own groups and our group went first to the Tiger and we saw it trying to get shade because it says that when it’s cold then the tiger will sit on the sun to get warm and when he is hot then we will sit under the shade.Then we went onto the rest of the animals onto the zoo and it was fun and trying.Sadly we had to leave the Auckland Zoo and it wasn’t cool but I wish we go back to the Zoo.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A Cake for Gum

Today at school for S.S.R I read a book called Cake for Gum and its about a baby named Gum.Gums family had to make a cake for him because Gum had his first tooth and they wanted to celebrate and Danny and Jing had to make the cake but they didn't know who to make a cake so they went to the library and had to find a book for how to make a cake.Jing found a book that can show you how to  make a  Blue Berry cake and when they finished baking the cake Gum loved it.