Thursday, 17 April 2014

Bad News on 3 news

Today I was watching 3 news and I saw there was a horrible Flood near our house at Misson bay.Auckland are cleaning up after high winds and torrential rain battered this morning.The wild weather is now heading south towards the central North Island it is excepted to reach Wellington later today and will move further south over night.The road had to be closed, and residents were trapped in their homes as the water rose. There is a cyclone Ita near the South Island it is Scary.


Unknown said...

The weather certainly was scary this morning Atelaite. It was raining very hard as I drove to school. I'm glad that you made it to and from school safely.
Happy Holidays
Mrs Parker.

Atelaite tangimausia taufa said...

Yes Mrs Parker it was horrible weather and i'm glad too we all got home safely from school.
Happy Holidays :D

Jogos Friv said...

Weather is becoming increasingly complex droughts, floods, storms consequences of the greenhouse effect the earth heats up.
Jogos Friv

Deandra said...

Hi Laite ,

I read your report about the striking news about the cyclone that hit Auckland. You had written a really in depth message to inform others of what happened and when it had happened.

I would also like to know more about what caused the bad weather and what other circumstances were involved .

A little advice from me would be that you could probably elaborate more on the topic and include more interesting information.

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