Tuesday, 6 May 2014



Today Room 10 had netball.I learned new skills the most difficult part was passing with one hand with alot of speed.I felt so proud and powerful that I achieved my goal and getting into games.I love Netball I wish we had netball for the rest of the year.


Stephanie Parker said...

Well done for developing your skills Atelaite. We will have Netball every Tuesday this term so you will get plenty of time to practice. I enjoy playing Netball too, the game at the end of last term students vs teachers was a lot of fun, though I was so exhausted afterwards.

Mr Webb and Room One, New Zealand said...

Mrs Parker - no mention of when the teachers played the staff who won and what the score was. I think that its great that your students get to participate in Netball for the rest of the term I am sure that the students are really looking for to the experience.

Atelaite - Do you play Netball for a school team? Do you have the Eastern Zone tournament coming up in Netball at the start of Term Three?

Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki,

Atelaite tangimausia taufa said...

I dont play Netball for a team but I really want to.

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